Salad baby leaves rainbow beet mixed

These mini plants in red, yellow, orange, pink and gold are seldom recognized in a salad - always admired nonetheless. Mild flavoured, juicy and tender. If grown on to maturity the thick stems and crinkly foliage can be cooked like Spinach.

When to sow

April to July.
Days to germination: 10-21 days.

Where to sow

Preferably in a seed tray, thinly about ¼" deep.

How to grow on

When the plants are 4-6" tall, cut cleanly with a pair of scissors and gently water the tray after removing the bunches of leaves. Continue to harvest as the plants reach 4-6" again. It's such a clean, slug free and fresh way of growing.
Prefers sun.

Professional tip

Do not use bottom heat.

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