Ixia viridiflora jade green
(Ixia viridiflora)

Turquoise blue with a twinkling black eye, this ever sought after beauty becomes ever more rare. The small crop we have has been specially grown for us. Brilliant as a cut flower and No 1 in Holland. We've been fortunate in obtaining seed of this most spectacular plant which is one of the most expensive florist flowers. Ideal for cutting and showing and possibly best grown in an 8" pot during the summer plunged beneath bark or similar material and then brought indoors during the winter. Desirable and almost hardy. 18"-2'.

Half Hardy Bulb

When to sow

All year round at 75ºF.
Days to germination: 20-30 days.

Where to sow

Under glass in a 4" pot within a propagator at ¼" deep.

How to grow on

Allow the grass-like seedlings to grow on to the following Spring and separate when they become obviously overcrowded.
Prefers sun.

Professional tip

The bulbs are very small so don't overlook them when 'potting on' in successive years.

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