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Sweet pea duchy of cambridge
(Lathyrus odorata)

A new introduction from New Zealand and is highly unusual in that the blooms open as mauve shades, but gradually change to a range of turquoise and ultramarine shades and are especially fascinating when used as a cut flower. The best of both worlds one might say! Scented too.

Hardy Annual

When to sow

Sept-Oct & Feb-Apr at 70ºF.
Days to germination: 14-21 days.

Where to sow

In 4" pots (six seeds per pot) if sown in September and in individual 3" pots if sown in the Spring.

How to grow on

September sown plants should overwinter in a cold frame before planting out in April. Spring sown plants can be planted out in early May. Grow up fences or canes or simply allow to sprawl.
Prefers semi shade.

Professional tip

Pinch out growing points when 6-8 leaves are produced. Very strong plants will result. Do not allow to seed - keep picking!

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